THE use of fear is a powerful tool to get what you want other people to do. Good or bad, it depends on the goal one wants to achieve.

It is used by parents to discipline children from birth as well as the State in ensuring citizens follow laws or accede to its dictatorship.

But it is used by criminals to rob and rape and by politicians to force people to support them for selfish gain.

Zanu PF has perfected the latter and has used it very effectively to retain power and win every election.

The party has invoked fear in the people by threatening them with evictions from their homes, denying them food aid, violence including viciously assaulting them, threatening them with death and even meting out cruel injustice on citizens who only want to exercise their constitutional right to choose a government of their choice.

Many have been murdered and many others live in fear that if they do not toe the party line, they will lose their privileged place on the gravy train.

This is true from the lowest village committee member to the heads of the security forces, even the President himself.

The late former President Robert Mugabe thought he was protected by surrounding himself with guns and party stalwarts, but ended up an outcast.

The opposition is constantly being threatened by Zanu PF and the President himself to instil fear.

All police officers, soldiers and members of the Judiciary, who are mandated to uphold the law without fear or favour, have been consumed by the fear of losing their jobs if they do not follow instructions from the powers-that-be.

In short, we are now a country consumed by fear, all emanating from Zanu PF’s determination to retain power at all costs.

Is this Godly? No! So we cannot call ourselves Christians. God has forsaken us because we are consumed by fear, hence the state of the economy, the poor rains and the suffering we are all undergoing.

We need to do away with fear and trust in God to protect us against evil.

The churches, which have been largely silent during our turbulent economic and political times, are complicit in allowing congregants to be fearful and not encourage them to trust in God.

Those is Zanu PF who always threaten villagers and citizens with violence for supporting the opposition must stop now.

All they are doing is furthering their own suffering.

High time we dispatched COVID-19 fear and had some fun again
SO, 79-year-old United States President Joe Biden twice contracted COVID-19 last month and never missed a day’s work.

The second infection was so mild it was only picked up through a test to double check if the previous one had ended.

If that’s not enough evidence the pandemic is over, what is?

Unfortunately, the return-to-normality message does not appear to have permeated many countries.

On Friday evening we took our visiting niece for dinner and a show at Sandton Square in Johannesburg, South Africa. Kate Normington was excellent. The audience, pitifully small.

It was a similar experience a week before when a friend treated us to front row seats at the excellent Alan Committie’s brief stint at Emperor’s Palace in the city again.

Smut-free, high-quality comedian Committie was in cracking form. Again, the audience barely filled a quarter of the theatre.

Given the pandemic is well and truly over and considering how much world class artistes like Kate, Alan and others suffered during lockdowns, surely it’s time to throw off irrational fears and show them some support? And have some fun in the process.

Govt riding rough shod over retired civil servants
RETIRED civil servants across the country have become a laughing stock after being retired into poverty by the Zanu PF government.

These people who served government with all their energy, honesty and distinction face a bleak future because they have been earning poor salaries.

That one has been retired by the system, even if they were a police officer who survived on bribes and extortion, means all those opportunities would be gone.

If the former employee was a teacher, who was subsiding their salary with extra lessons, that will all be gone.

These are just a few situations which former government workers face after retirement.

Civil servants who are being retired by the system because of age, dismissed or on health issues are a pity as they suddenly become vulnerable to societal challenges as they try to cope with life out of employment.

In Guruve, there are a lot of people who were retired from the police force, teaching or government offices who failed to go back to their homes in Masvingo, Mberengwa, Nyamapanda, Gweru and other far away places.

Government must investigate such situations and make sure it assists its former workers.

Some, out of stress, have turned to illicit brews such as Saints, Bouncer or even marijuana.

These are dangerous alcoholic beverages and drugs, which are cheap on the market which the former civil servants can afford.

I do not blame them for finding themselves in this situation. They are victims of Zanu PF’s misrule which is failing to pay them decent salaries so that they start projects to cushion them when retired.

The second republic has been abusing its workers since coming to power.

All attempts by civil servants to demonstrate over the poor salaries have been met by batons and tear gas smoke.

Government has shown that it has no appetite to listen to workers demands.

Last year, someone I know got $16 000 after serving in government for 41 years. That person has nothing to show for their service in government.

I suggest government revisits the retirement packages it gave it workers.

It’s pathetic that the former government workers are living in poverty like crocodiles trapped on dry land.

Finance minister Mthuli Ncube must create a fund and make sure he follows up on all the people government is retiring and provide them with transport so that they are able to live a decent life.

Both serving and former government workers are stressed up.

Government should stop being evil. It does not care and does not recognise those who gave their all.

On another note, I urge those in civil service to protest against low salaries.

The current salaries are the ones from which their pensions will be worked on, not the allowances.

Civil servants have been turned into paupers as their pensions are worked out using low basic salary, which is quickly wiped out by inflation.

Wake up civil servants or you will all die of stress.

Source Newsday