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    Mutoriro-Dzivarasekwa extension has an increase in number of cases of youths affected by drug abuse

    By Newsreport.co.zw | Published: 29 Jun 2022

    One can wonder Dzivarasekwa extension youths will change their behaviour. Due to high levels of unemployment youths converge paRasta at Dzivarasekwa extension around 6:00am to sit and bask the sun. Some of the youths who refused to be named said we meet and smoke drugs to escape from our real bad life situations since we are unemployed.

    A 30 year old Dzivarasekwa Extension youth whose name can not be released caused a bizzare incident at their home yesterday when he started throwing their sleeping beds outside and burning them. The young man was also threatening to sleep with her mother and burn the beds. He was claiming that the bed had a goblin inside so he wanted to burn the goblin. Residents restrained him from burning their bed. The youngman beated her mother who was crying that his son is disturbing family peace due to drug abuse. Some residents were shocked by the incident since the youngman and his mother had been in South Africa for a short while to sustain the family.

    The young man was taken to Dzivarasekwa extension police base at Nehanda. Close sources to the family say Nehanda police referred them to main Dzivarasekwa police which is a distant. Most residents fail to report cases of drug abuse victims when they victimise people and residents because going to main mother station to old Dzivarasekwa is far and time consuming hence they continue to pose a threat to the safety of residents and their immediate family members. Residents who refused to be named said they feel unsafe if such cases of youths who are mentally ill are taken lightly and not attended to by police. There is high rate of drug peddling in Dzivarasekwa extension generally.

    The most popupar drug taken by Dzivarasekwa extension youths they call it dombo  mutoriro, musombodhiya is no longer popular. Young girls in Dzivarasekwa extension are even taking the drug called dombo  which is a shame. Residents who refused to be named said more cases of mentally ill youths will continue to rise if drug peddling continues in the hood. They are ruining the lifes of youths and bringing up unhealthy families which have no peace .Most youths in Dzivarasekwa extension are unemployed if there are organisations  willing to help Dzivarasekwa youths with drug abuse rehabilitation and recovery  they should get hold of News Report online news agency.

    Most residents believe mental health challenges as bewitchment hence it can cause alarm and dispondency in society. Prophet Emmanuel Matemai of AFM Ministries in  Nehanda said mental challenges at times may be demons which need deliverance as some families have generational  curses which may affect mental well being. Prophet Matemai said some families may have one or two people with mental challenges or the whole family hence it will be a blood line curse. Madzibaba Benji of Jehone Masowe Chishanu at Dzivarasekwa extension Turncraft said he has many cases of people he has delivered who were mentally ill and they are living a normal life.

    There is Madzibaba Benji of Chesa Shops in Dzivarasekwa extension who takes care and heals those with mental challenges at his shrine most residents who need relief from mentally challenged people may take them to madzibaba Benji of Chesa shops to stay there for six months or more and they get deliverance. Mai Joy a traditional healer of Dzivarasekwa extension said mental challenges may be avenging spirits of dead people who would have been killed by the family members of the mentally challenged hence they need to find the family of the avenging spirit and pay for the wrong done to their dead family member who would have been killed.

    Àny organisation willing to work with those mentally challenged in Dzivarasekwa extension should get hold of News Report online news agency on +263 8644 308 653

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    19 Aug 2022

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