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    FCB, IoDZ strike deal

    By Newsreport.co.zw | Published: 29 Jun 2022

    THE Institute of Directors Zimbabwe (IoDZ) has partnered with First Capital Bank to launch a Chairman’s Forum in Zimbabwe, a platform to discuss emerging trends and strategies to challenges encountered by corporate boards.

    The platform seeks to provide the modern chairman with a full spectrum of corporate governance best practices with special attention on the roles and responsibilities of the chairperson.

    It aims to capacitate leaders across all sectors of the economy, large and listed companies, State-owned enterprises and parastatals, non-governmental organisations, civil society organisations and small to medium sized organisations. Speaking at the launch last week FCB chairman, Patrick Devenish said this platform would create key collaborations that will positively contribute to industry and commerce, ultimately increasing the overall economic output.

    “We are honoured to be the chosen partner to launch this relevant forum that will provide the pertinent practical expertise to assure conformance to our corporate governance framework,” said Devenish.

    FCB managing director, Ciaran McSharry said the firm’s goal was to facilitate value and growth in areas that are pertinent.

    “We have sought a new strategic partnership to unlock optimal performance capabilities that will see mutually beneficial positive results yielded through this remarkable platform,” said McSharry.

    The Institute of Directors of Zimbabwe is a voluntary membership community for developing business leaders, creating opportunities for peer support, exchange of ideas and influence.

    The institute’s thrust to proffer solutions to the significant local challenges that need to be based on profiles of corporate governance competencies contributing to global efforts to combat corruption and promote ethical best practice.

    The forum scope will include round table discussions, open and private discussions with real business leaders, contemporary training roles and responsibilities and soft skills among others things.

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