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    WATCH| TikTok Slay Queen Bhadie Kelly Nails The Umlando Dance Challenge And Breaks The Internet

    By Newsreport.co.zw | Published: 28 Jun 2022

    TikTok slay queen Bhadie Kelly sent the internet into a wild frenzy after she nailed the Umlando dance challenge.

    The US-based Togolese beauty did the challenge last week, and she shared the video on her TikTok account, much to the delight of a lot of men online. As of 28 June 2022, the video had been watched over 600 000 times on TikTok.


    Slay Queen Bhadie Kelly


    In the video, which was shot in her room, slay queen Bhadie Kelly was wearing a tiny artistic black and white crop top with a matching bum-hugging short. She then turns around and starts gyrating and wriggling her behind as she does the Umlando. She has clearly been practising the now “international” dance, as her video is captioned, “How tf yall do this?”

    Watch Bhadie Kelly’s Umlando dance video below.

    Check out how happy fans were after slay queen Bhadie Kelly did the Umlando.



    We Dey here 😭😭 see movement


    that student who pretend didn’t study for the exam but still passed


    We want someone like you as president in Nigeria 😂😂😂


    Your name is Palesa now 😭

    I luv pumpkins 🎃 ;

    Amapiano to the world Choss this fire bro


    It’s nice already no need to try any harder


    That looks perfect to me😍


    I always come and peep her videos and run away…she is a definition of a whole package


    Slay queen Bhadie Kelly is popular online for twerking. She first got into the limelight in May after a video of her dancing to 23 by Mike Will Made It on TikTok while dressed in a light brown multicoloured gown went viral.




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    19 Aug 2022

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