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    Hillcrest ICT Expo: drones, FOOD, rugby and supercomputers

    By Newsreport.co.zw | Published: 13 Jun 2022

    Over the weekend, Hillcrest College hosted its annual Winter Fair and Tech Expo. The event was well attended with companies like

    • Liquid Home
    • Utande
    • Old Mutual
    • Fusertech
    • Precision Arial
    • Axis Solutions
    • Zimbabwe Centre for High-Performance Computing and more exhibiting their wares in the Eastern Highlands.

    Students and attendants were treated to a show from all companies and exhibitors in attendance as well as a special drone display from the folks from Precision Aerial. The local drone startup and training school demonstrated the “King of Drones” Agras T30, the top-of-the-line agricultural drone from the world’s biggest drone manufacturer DJI.

    The Zimbabwe Centre for High-Performance Computing was also showing off its Rasberry Pi cluster which it says has a number of applications for parallel task computing to speed up task completion.

    Axis Solutions caps off the interesting exhibitors in the Hillcrest ICT Expo and Winter Fair. The company has a diverse portfolio of products including the RevMax which is used to report fiscal reports to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA). It was also showing its health ATM which gives you a full physical report without a doctor being present.

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    19 Aug 2022

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