Security officials at the Beitbridge Border Post have arrested six Kenyans who attempted to enter the country from South Africa using travel documents with fake Zimbabwean immigration date stamps.

The Herald reports that the six who were travelling by road on Friday wanted to transit to their home country through Zimbabwe. The Beitbridge man who endorsed fake immigration stamps on their documents has also been arrested and is set to appear in court this Tuesday.

The Kenyans have since been dragged before Beitbridge magistrate, Miss Annia Chimweta for violating a section of the Immigration Act.

The gang was convicted, warned and cautioned against repeating the same offence.

Prosecuting, Miss Esnath Vengedza said the accused persons arrived in the country via Beitbridge Border Post on May 27 at around 2 am.

They then engaged the services of a bogus immigration officer who endorsed two passports and four emergency travel documents with a fake immigration date stamp for a fee.

The Herald reports that they then proceeded to the northern gate (entry) as they sought to leave the border.

They were stopped at a security checkpoint for compliance checks, where it was discovered that their travelling documents were endorsed with an immigration date stamp that doesn’t exist.

They were arrested and implicated the Beitbridge man, who was swiftly picked up by security officials.

The illegal stamps are used to illegally extend the stay of travellers in either country.

Source : Pindula News