A SUSPECTED sex toy vendor, Ayanda Unity Mponda, who goes by the moniker @Ayiie-Juicy on social media platforms, has been granted ZW$30 000 bail by the High Court.

Muponda has been in jail for half a month after the lower courts denied her bail on grounds that she was a flight risk.

She was granted bail by High Court judge, Justice Esther Muremba, following a successful appeal.

The judge ruled bail is a Constitutional right. Mponda was also ordered to report twice a week at the police as part of her bail conditions.

The socialite was arrested on allegations of smuggling sex toys and exposing minors to pornographic content.

Prosecutors also accused her of luring minors to engage in sexual activities.

Prosecutors had submitted that it was difficult to get hold of the suspect,  who allegedly evaded the police for a week upon learning that she was wanted.

The court also heard that the Tik Toker had pulled down her social media pages in a bid to get rid of evidence against her.

It is alleged that a statement was recorded from the mother of a 12-year-old girl, who confirmed that she had established that her minor daughter was Mponda’s regular customer.

The minor reportedly purchased a variety of sex toys worth US$1 000 using money she stole from her household.

The police were also told that the sex toys were delivered right at her doorstep.

It is alleged that after being confronted, Mponda admitted making deliveries, stating that she was not aware a minor was purchasing the toys and offered to pay back the money.