A 20-year-old Zambian ritualist has appeared in court on allegations of defrauding an unsuspecting man of his US$74 000 after misrepresenting to him that it was payment to facilitate US$20 million which he had received on his behalf from his ancestors.

The Herald reports that Daniel Epic Kato appeared in court before Harare magistrate Mrs Yeukai Dzuda who remanded him in custody.

The court heard that on March 2, Kato, Mugabi and Kimbungwe hatched a plan to defraud the complainant and disguised as ritualists.

The accused called the complainant Mr Graham Mutero and told him that his ancestors wanted to bless him with US$20 million.

The trio showed Mutero the money, which was stashed in a suitcase which they said was the US$20 million his ancestors wanted them to give to him.

According to Mutero’s statement, the accused persons went on to ask him to just randomly pick US$300 from the trunk and advised him to go and spend it as proof that it was indeed genuine money.

Mutero picked US$300 from the trunk which he spent without any hustles which boosted his confidence.

When he came back, he was convinced to raise US$74 000 so that a ritual could be conducted to access the US$20 million.

Mutero proceeded and sold his property and handed the money to the accused persons.

He was given the trunk full of dollars but as he was about to leave, the trio ordered him to conduct a prayer before he left.

During the prayer session, one of the accused persons changed the trunks and gave Mutero one full of newspapers.

Mutero only realised that the trunk had newspapers when he opened it when he arrived at his house. 

A report was made leading to Kato’s arrest. Mugabi and Kimbungwe are still at large.

Source: Pindula News