AFTER battling 10 cultural groups Dedza Chitandizo, a group originally from Malawi and based in Mufakose, walked away US$2 500 richer from the Chibuku Neshamwari festival held at Makuluwani Sports Bar in Harare at the weekend.

The group, which outshined all groups showcasing Malawi dance, will now represent Harare province in the national event.

The festival also celebrated its 60th anniversary and many people walked away with Chibuku branded beer, branded t-shirts and caps. Everyone appeared to have really enjoyed themselves while they danced and answered Chibuku-related questions.

Dedza Chitandizo, comprising both male and female dancers showcased a Malawi type of dance dressed in nyau attire. Its energetic dances wowed the judges and crowd.

The group was super excited to clinch the first prize.

On the sidelines of the event, Michael “Nhori Swadinta” Banda, the group’s co-ordinator said: “We are from Mufakose, but originally from Malawi. The name Dedza came from the fact that we are originally form Mazanjara Dedza Malawi, that’s why we named our group Dedza. We are happy for winning the first prize and it is our first time to win.

“We once took second position and third position in Warren Park at a similar event and we are pleased for finally taking the crown home today and also the fact that we are in the top five makes us feel proud as a group. We also applaud Vincent “Viny” January for playing the mbarura so well. We can’t wait to represent Harare at the national level.”

Participating groups in the festival were Tete Mafuwe, Yarira Ngoma, Angonia, Duramazwi, Dedza Chitandizo, Chisoni Chimtali, Kondani, Pasichigare, Gasasani Moto and Mdakin Nyau.

Third prize winners, Gasani Moto from Nyabira walked away with US$1 000, while Mdakin Nyau took second prize bagging US$1 500. The other groups went home with US$500 for participating.

The nyau dances were the most loved by the people as evidenced by ululations from the crowd everytime a nyau group went on stage.

Source Newsday