The Zimbabwean dollar is tumbling at a very fast rate and it  will only respond to the market when there is a change of government. As long as we are going to have this current leadership nothing will change.

Has Zimbabwe been reduced to a banana country where a President just wakes up in the morning and start telling the nation that there is no more lending?

You cannot unleash military touch or Zanu-PF militias on the economy and expect it to improve.
Employing guerilla war tactics on the economy will not work. Mr John Panonetsa Mangudya should just do the honourable thing and resign to save his face and concede defeat.

The catastrophic results of the junta last Saturday's economic announcement are continuing to claim more casualties as more companies continue to cut credit facilities. This was ill advised and an economic suicide.

This is going to  wipe out remaining productive sectors of the economy and will plunge the country into another economic crisis. The damage done since the announcement will last for probably two years.

Banks are likely going to retrench and scale down more branches are going to close and this is also going create a , general shortage of basic commodities like cooking oil, meat sugar etc. Already 2 litres of cooking oil is niw currenttly pegged at US$7.09

The economy is now being led to the graveyard by these two doctors Mthuli Ncube and John Panonetsa Mangudya.

You cannot rig an election and also successfully rig an economy.

This country needs to start afresh and have some endless meetings with all the stakeholders like opposition political leaders, church organisations,  civic leaders, Non- Governmental Organisatons, students leaders , chiefs etc to iron out such sticking issues.

Our economy has warped and collapsed. It is now out of the frying pan into the fire. The regime has run out of ideas. It's remedy after remedy.

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Source - Leonard Koni