Former Deputy Youth and Indigenisation Minister, Tongai Matutu, has alleged that he was paid US$75 000 by the United States of America Embassy in 2010 to assault Chief Serima in 2010.

He said the embassy wanted him to get arrested so that they would use his arrest to push the idea that there were gross human rights violations in Zimbabwe.

Matutu was a member of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change led by the late former Prime MinisterMorgan Tsvangirai. Writing on Twitter on Thursday, Matutu said:

In 2010, l was paid US $75k to assault Chief Serima at Matizha Business Center. I got arrested and fined $100. This was just something carefully planned by the US Embassy so that they will use my arrest as persecution of opposition activists to justify the renewal of sanctions.

Matutu was alleged to have slapped and punched Chief Serima at the Matizha Business Center in September 2010.

Masvingo Magistrate Oliver Mudzongachiso found Matutu guilty of assaulting Masvingo Chief Serima, also known as Vengesai Rushwaya.

He was ordered to pay a fine of US$100.

Matutu, who appealed the judgement, told the media then that the charges against him were politically motivated.

Matutu, a former Masvingo Urban MP, is now a member of the ruling ZANU PF after leaving MDC Alliance then led by Nelson Chamisa following his disqualification from contesting the provincial chairmanship post ahead of the 2019 Gweru Congress.