The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) says it has no right to deny citizens their right to register as voters as long as they provide acceptable proof of residence.

This follows allegations of the existence of anomalies on the Kariba Municipality Ward 8 voters’ roll where 87 people registered as voters used stand number 1110 Chiwara as their place of residency. It is further claimed that the said stand is a non-residential stand. In a press statement on Tuesday, 3 May, ZEC Chief Elections Officer Utoile Silaigwana said those who have concerns over the alleged anomalies on the voters’ roll should raise their objections as provided in the Electoral Act. Read the statement:

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission would like to put the record straight on allegations of anomalies on the Kariba Municipality Ward 8 voters’ roll.

Concerns have been raised that over 87 people registered as voters on stand number 1110 Chiwara, a non-residential stand.

The public should know that as long as prospective registrants produce acceptable proof of residence, the Commission has no right to deny them the chance to register as voters.

The Commission has no way of ascertaining the veracity of one’s claims at registration, especially as they relate to a residence and it is incumbent upon the applicant to proffer correct information as failure to do so constitutes an offence in terms of section 37(2) of the Electoral Act.

It is also pertinent to note that the Electoral Act permits voters registered in the same ward/constituency to object to the retention of any name on the voters’ roll setting out the reasons for their objection which could be that the person does not reside in their constituency.

The voter registration officers would then look into the issue and either uphold the objection or reject the objection after following due process.

The Commission encourages those voters in ward 8 of Kariba Municipality with such objections to approach the Commission as per the provisions of the law.