Angelina Jolie, who serves as a special envoy for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), visited the city of Lviv on Saturday.

The actor and ambassador met with displaced families and refugees, but was forced to take cover with a group of other escapees during an air raid.

In a video posted on Ukraine Media, the air raid siren can be heard in the background as Jolie and others walked past the Lviv train station to the town square nearby.

Lviv regional governor Maxim Kozytski on Telegram said Jolie’s visit to Ukraine “has been a surprise […] for all of us”.

As reported by Lviv Media, she also visited the town of Boryslav, where she spent time with children and personnel at the Harmony Traning and Rehabilitation Centre.

The centre said in a statement her visit came bearing presents for the children and ensured a “good mood” among all.

The renowned actor and producer was also spotted in a cafe in Sykhiv and planned to visit a medical centre and orphanage during her trip.

Jolie has supported Ukraine since the war started in February 2022 and facilitated add for those in need.