The opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) led by Nelson Chamisa has said the rising inflation and poor salaries put workers between “a rock and a hard place.”

The party’s statement comes as the World celebrated the International Workers Day on Sunday, 1 May. In a series of messages, seen by Pindula News, the party painted a gloomy picture for workers and blamed workers’ predicament on the government’s maladministration. Read the messages posted on Twitter:

In the civil service & many other private companies, the majority of workers are earning below a living wage & supplement their pay with side hustles such as selling vegetables as well as selling second-hand clothes & groceries.

The regime in Harare has no interest in improving civil servants salaries hence most of them have to resorted to side hustles. 

Despite earning a slave wage, workers are heavily taxed in Zimbabwe.

Teachers want the government to revert to their pre-October 2018 salary of US$540. The security sector is also underpaid, but can’t publicly express their dissatisfaction over meagre earnings.

Bad policy decisions & SIs have resulted in hyperinflation, eroding the little that workers currently earn.

Prices for basic commodities continue to rise while salaries remain unchanged & workers find themselves between a rock & hard place.