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    Tattoo model flaunts two tongues after getting most painful procedure yet

    By Newsreport.co.zw | Published: 14 Apr 2022

    A body modification fan has opened up about one of her most painful procedures.

    Amber Luke covered 99% of her body in ink and also has multiple piercings.

    She's braved getting holes punctured into her stretched ears and risked blindness by getting her eyeballs tattooed.

    But it was actually tongue-splitting surgery that gave the Aussie model the most trouble.

    The grisly procedure involves cutting the tongue into a fork with a scalpel – and the organ needs to be pulled apart regularly to prevent it from closing back up.

    While recovery from her first surgery went smoothly, it was excruciating when Amber had to go under the knife for a second time.

    The 26-year-old, from Brisbane, Australia, told her Instagram followers: “I had to get my tongue split twice as I was lazy with the first cut and didn’t pull it apart (which you’re supposed to).

    “Therefore, it healed quite significantly.

    "So back under the scalpel blade I went when it healed.

    “It hurt IMMENSELY the second time, as the scar tissue was prominent.

    “Nowadays – these are my tongues.”

    Amber Luke
    The Australian model showed off her two tongues on Instagram 
    Amber Luke
    Amber said the op "hurt immensely" the second time around 

    Amber's post garnered 1,000 likes and fascinated her fans.

    One commenter said: "Wow I like that tongue. I'd like to get mine done."

    Another agreed: "I like the way you look. And I want to be like you."

    A third wrote: "Fantastic goddess."

    And a fourth added: "Ouchies."

    Amber Luke
    Amber's other painful procedures include ear stretching and puncturing 

    Amber, who first went under the needle as a teenager, has covered 98% of her body in ink over the last decade.

    She has more than 600 tattoos – including geometric designs all over her chest, portraits on her thighs and bold eyeball ink.

    The influencer also has body modifications like dermals, which are piercings that are placed under the skin.

    Her alternative looks have landed her modelling photoshoots and opportunities with brands.

    They've also helped her to stand-out on adults only subscription site, OnlyFans.

    Amber Luke
    Fans love Amber's alternative looks, which have earned her a fortune on OnlyFans 

    Earlier this year, Amber revealed she'd made a whopping £162,000 by selling sexy pictures on OnlyFans.

    Even though she’s altered her looks a lot over the years, it’s unlikely the model will be stopping any time soon.

    She's currently in the process of getting the sleeves on her arms blacked out, which is an excruciatingly painful process.



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