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2.5m Black Mamba snake slithers into family home. Durban snake catcher, Nick Evans said a man in the Umkumbaan area (near Albert Luthuli hospital), was sitting on the couch with his child, watching TV when heard some movement to his left and saw the black mamba entering the premises.

A family in Umkumbaan area got the shock of their lives when they spotted a large black mamba entering their home. The man tried his best to keep calm and waited for it to pass them. He then called out to his wife and advised her to go out the back door. She was in the kitchen, and that’s where the mamba was headed.

Once she ran out and he put a considerable amount of distance between them and the mamba, he exited the house with his child.

The mamba had curled up behind an old oven. Evans managed to get the tail out as well as the head. Evans removed the snake, and heaped praise on the homeowner, an avid watcher of his show on snakes.

“I was so, so impressed with him, after hearing this when I arrived. To keep calm in a situation like that is far from easy. Few would have managed to react how he did. Well done to him! And so glad the show helped in a way,” said Evans.

It is believed the homeowner and neighbour tracked the snake’s movements through the kitchen window.

“Again, and I go on and on about this type of thing: this is another example proving how mambas do not want to bite people. It had every chance to ‘attack’ this man and his child. There would be little they could do, with the snake being so close and them almost being cornered. But no, it just wanted to hide away,” said Evans.