A Beitbridge resident has written an open letter to the Zimbabwe Republic Police and National Army seeking their intervention at the backdrop of increasing cases of crime in the border town.

Open letter to the Police Officers in Beit bridge.

Things are going out of hand rapidly in Tongwe growth points almost every day.

The youngsters in this growth point are life-threatening to the community taking advantage of no law enforcement. Particularly this period of holidays it’s not safe for any innocent person. The growth point is networked with 17 villages that need the attention of police attention.

The villagers are experiencing strange challenges from these lawbreakers. This place is becoming a breeder of thugs and thieves. Why can’t we have a police station at this growth point?

We had pleaded the nearest big station in Beit bridge town and it’s not pardoned. There is an accommodation which officers can use. Things are pathetic here, we are as if this place is not in Zimbabwe.

Considering humanitarian reasons are story this side is unacceptable all. We are kindly asking for the relevant Office to assist by putting the record straight in this area. For further information, you can randomly contact any person over this issue.

Where are you honourable Police commissioners or defence forces? Please come and redeem us or send your team to check and prove a point. Zimbabwe is a good country and well known for its excellence, but these developments are making a detriment. Thank you for your attention to the above.