The ZANU PF provincial elections will be held this Tuesday as scheduled, the ruling party said on Monday.

The elections are meant to choose new Provincial Coordinating Committees (PCC), with the previous ones having been disbanded last week ahead of today’s elections.

The party members will elect provincial chairpersons of the main wing, women’s league and the youth in all the 10 provinces.

ZANU PF Political Commissar, Mike Bimha, yesterday said more than 10 candidates had been disqualified for various reasons and the affected individuals will be notified in person. Said Bimha:

We have deployed Politburo members to run the affairs of the provinces since the party provincial structures were dissolved last Tuesday.

With the help of Central Committee members from the supervising province, they well administer the elections and will ensure that the rules and regulations for conducting internal elections are adhered to and to take corrective action where necessary.

Election Commissioners have also been deployed to observe and monitor the conduct of elections.

There will be command centres at administrative district, provincial and national levels.

Selected provincial members are the presiding and polling officers but no presiding officer or polling officer will conduct elections in his or her province.

Bimha said that the elections would start at 7 am and end at 5 pm with no extension of polling time allowed.

He added that when voting ends, the counting would start immediately and results would be signed off by the presiding officer and chairperson of the district’s chairperson of the main wing and women and youth leagues.

The results would be posted outside the polling station and submitted to the District Coordinating Committee command centre for onward transmission to the provincial command centre.

From the provincial command centre, the results would be transmitted to the national command centre at the party headquarters in Harare.

Results are expected to be announced starting mid-morning on Wednesday.