ZANU PF supporters have inadvertently exposed how the party’s primary elections were rigged in favour of 2018 parliamentary candidate Kudakwashe Damson through the issuance of fake national identity (ID) cards to voters.

The electoral fraud was revealed in a video recording of a recent ZANU PF event in Epworth near Harare.

In the video, shot three days ago, but was released on Boxing Day, and has gone viral, ZANU PF supporters confessed how they used fake ID cards to steal the election. An unidentified woman is heard saying:

We are the ones who gave birth to Damson as we used to love him. Nobody would talk about Damson negatively and not fight with us.

When he became a shadow MP we stole the polls, we are the ones who set the game.

We would get children into the polling station with fake identity cards. This is why we are calling for a rerun of the polls, because we stole the polls, he did not win.

Speaking to NewsDay, Damson confirmed the video’s authenticity but dismissed the rigging claims as baseless. He said:

There is nothing like that. They have been paid by another group to soil my name. If you ask a simple question, where were they all along just so they resurface now because we are now having provincial elections?

ZANU PF is set to hold its provincial elections on 28 December 2021.

Meanwhile, former ZANU PF youth political commissar Godfrey Tsengengamu, who campaigned for Damson alongside Lewis Matutu said poll rigging is not a new phenomenon in the ruling party. Said Tsenengamu:

These confessions are nothing new. These ZANU PF guys can do anything and they steal polls internally and mostly because they know that no results are overturned.

It is very rare for results to be overturned in ZANU PF so they employ all manner of dirty tricks to get power.

However, ZANU PF director of information Tafadzwa Mugwadi dismissed the video saying it was meant to tarnish the image of the party.

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