AFTER seeing his political ambitions collapse like a deck of cards, businessman James Makamba has endorsed under-fire aspiring Mashonaland Central provincial chairman Kazembe Kazembe in a development that has seen him being deserted by his supporters.

They are now rallying behind Kazembe’s perennial nemesis, tycoon Tafadzwa Musarara.

Makamba was disqualified by the politburo, Zanu PF’s highest decision-making organ outside congress, last week after his candidature was roundly dismissed by the country’s security chiefs, especially over his alleged previous romantic affair with former first lady Grace Mugabe.

During his campaign, Makamba had drawn up ten-points he used to severely criticise Kazembe, in which he generally indicated that the home Affairs minister was a highly divisive, weak, and uncharismatic leader whose chairmanship had torn the province asunder.

Kazembe will now square up against Musarara in tomorrow’s provincial election.

Makamba’s supporters reminded him in their WhatsApp group Monday of how he had savaged Kazembe and refused to follow him in supporting him.

One supporter wrote: “Double standards displayed by Makamba on the background of which he was not only the mastermind and kingpin of de-campaigning KK (Kazembe) but has been a senior teacher not of peace but hatred. Ko nhai Mukanya makadii kuzodzoka kunevamakadzidzisa kuti muvadzidzise rudo especially to KK. Your last minute desperate move was ill advised Dr Makamba for it proved that you are a manipulator of people.”

“Having supporters or followers who subscribe to your candidacy does not mean that you own people. Hakuna munhu wevanhu kanakuti vanhu vemunhu.”

“You cannot talk of progress and development if you remain fixed on the past and it’s failures, I remember Cde Makamba listing about 10 reasons why he was going to contest the elections. We were at Hala Hotel in Bindura where he listed 10 failures of the incumbent or sitting Chairman. We rarely discussed about Cde Musarara.”

“Makamba are you not being macho and sadistic so that the people of Mashonaland Central remain fixed in their problems, failures and troubles. Why are you against change and progress. Why do you want them to vote for a candidate you so despised?

“By endorsing Cde Kazembe you have actually pushed us to endorse Cde Musarara someone who is representing a new era and epoch in the history of Mashonaland Central. We will walk with Cde Musarara from seed level to flowering level and then to fruit level.”

In his 10 point discrediting Kazembe, Makamba Makamba said the Home Affairs minister had failed to united the party, failed to instil confidence, failed to meaningfully mobilise membership and support, failed to deal with raging factionalism, and lacked charisma and political charm among others.

A support took him to task to explain his sudden volte-face.

“I want to ask you, what has now changed that you are now backing the same man you have been severely criticising. You are being sadistic in that you want the province to remain divided and despised. You complained that Kazembe was vindictive wanted to get you arrested on trumped up charges you complained that your accounts were being closely monitored by Kazembe Kazembe. Tells us cde, were you telling us the truth or lying? You painted a vivid picture of a bad cde Kazembe in our minds who is unsellable and unmarketable. By endorsing Kazembe, you have pushed us to endorse Cde Musarara who is representing a new era and epoch in the history of Mashonaland Central.”

“We will walk with cde Musarara from seed level to flowering and then to fruit level have shared a piece of my mind with you. Let’s usher in a new way of doing things in our province on December 28. Ichoooo!”