A prominent social media observer group, Team Pachedu has exposed Chief Murinye for rampant abuse of office and corruption and entangled him in his own threats to President Emmerson Mnangagwa that the Zanu PF leader is associated with corrupt individuals.

Chief Murinye, born Ephias Munodawafa last week, warned Mnangagwa about the rampant corruption within people surrounding him and added this could lead to a military coup, or he would lose the 2023 presidential election.

His sentiments were, however, received with mixed feelings because he clearly indicated he belonged to the ruling Zanu PF party, which is illegal according to the Traditional Leaders Act, Chapter 29:17, Section 45 (2) and Section 46 (1) which demands the independence and neutrality of chiefs.

Team Pachedu exposed the Masvingo traditional leader over massive abuse of his office and human rights violations, accusing him of chasing away MDC supporters from his village before the 2013 elections.

“Before the 2013 elections, ‘Chief Murinye summoned all village leaders under his jurisdiction and instructed them to chuck out MDC supporters out of his area’.

“This is how evil the Chief is; we have no sympathy! Young people, let’s rescue Zimbabwe,” the observer group said.

Team Pachedu further accuses the chief of ordering the arrest of one MDC Alliance counselor who had put development in his community. He allegedly feared Zanu PF would lose votes to the opposition party.

“Did you know? Suspended MDC-A Cllr. Busumani was arrested for sidelining the Chief when he built a clinic, roads and new schools, among others, but was found not guilty. The chief had felt threatened that Zanu-PF would lose more votes.

“These chiefs must go! 2023IamVoting.”

The observers said when Chief Murinye openly declared that he is ZANU-PF to the bone – yesterday, today and forever, he violated the Traditional Leaders Act, Chapter 29:17, Section 45 (2) and Section 46 (1).

“He deserves to be dethroned in 2023!”

Posting heartbreaking pictures of the victims, Team Pachedu said, “Did you know? Chief Murinye connived with Chiredzi Superintendent Simangaliso Dube to arrest an innocent female employee and her two children aged 3 and 5 years. They were detained for two nights at Chiredzi Central Police Station to ‘fix’ the employee.”

The observers said: “Last year, an unroadworthy Tongaat-hired truck belonging to Chief Murinye killed 6 people in Zambia.

“VID (Vehicle Inspection Department) records show that the truck was operating without a Certificate of Fitness for more than a year.

“Tongaat managers were bribed using Murinye’s BancABC account.”

Following Chief Murinye’s threats to Mnangagwa, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga has since issued a chilling threat to traditional leaders, warning that they would be stripped of their positions for criticising the Zanu PF government.