The ruling party, ZANU-PF says it has nothing to do with the violence that allegedly rocked the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC) Annual General Meeting which was conducted recently.

The ruling party says Civic Society Organisatios should not drag its name in internal disputes as they fight for donor funds.

“Dragging the name of ZANU PF over the violence at a puppet outfit @CrisisinZim AGM which we have no relations with is not only malicious but stupid.

“CSOs must fight for donor funds control alone and spare our members this nonsense. Media should report responsibly,” says the party.

Meanwhile, the ruling party has over the years been at loggerheads with CSOs alleging they are agents of regime change.

Most recently the government ordered CSOs to register saying some of them are moving away from their mandate.

A bill is being crafted to monitor the conduct of CSOs with those that deviate facing sanctions.