Twitter detectives have been hard at work playing and replaying Somizi and Ali Boy’s videos looking for evidence to prove or disprove allegations by the latter that Somizi wanted to get laid but after he refused he started acting stupid.

Surprise surprise! Information retrieved from the TikTok video by Ali Boy has actually brought up questions which not many people would have bothered to ask.

Is Somizi in on this?

Yes, Tweeps are beginning to doubt that Somizi was ambushed or that Ali Boy was exposing him.

@TrendingCelebZA posted Ali Boy’s video and pointed out an interesting point. The tweet was quickly deleted but other detectives had already shared their thoughts.

If the audio clip is genuine, why was he playing it from Somizi’s smartphone?

Oh, you were so blinded by the scandal you never thought about it right.

Well, going back to the video, you will see that indeed, the voice clip is being played from the device that recorded it, in this case, Somizi’s smartphone.

Still confused, if you go on your WhatsApp chat you will find that messages you send will have a tick or ticks which all mean different things.

  • One grey tick means the message has left your device
  • Two grey ticks mean the message has been delivered to your recipient
  • Two blue ticks mean the message has been opened or played

In the case of Somizi’s audio to Ali Boy, the message left the device but was neither received not opened or played.

What does this imply?

Without a shadow of a doubt, Ali Boy screengrabbed the video of Somizi’s voice note from Somizi’s device, whether Somizi was in on it or not can only be proved by the two. If Ali Boy can show the audio as received on his device it would give a clearer picture but at this stage, tweeps are having none of it.

Why did Ali Boy not play the audio clip from his phone after receiving it? Did he maybe, screengrab it immediately after Somizi recorded it, which would mean they were together.

Tweeps also questioned why Somizi would post the full details of the event he was distancing himself from.

Somizi even posted Ali Boy’s poster on his Instagram potentially reaching his 4 million-plus fans.

Knowing how influencers work, one would agree that you wouldn’t want to publicize someone’s event even indirectly so.

Was Somizi trying to promote his friend’s gig? Sadly, the discussion seemed to have died after @TrendingCelebZA deleted their tweet.

Somizi has, however, distanced himself from Ali Boy’s event and ‘set the record straight‘ about allegations that he got worked up after being denied s.e.x.