Leading Zim Dancehall chanter Winky D has announced the release of his much anticipated December project, ‘Happy Again.’

Winky took to social media to announce his latest offering will be released this Friday on the 17th of December.

One thing for sure, there’s a lot of good vibes coming after the announcement but fans also have unanswered questions if its an album or a collection of singles.

Nehanda Radio caught up with Jonathan ‘Elder’ Banda, Winky D’s manager who said ‘the suspense and confusion’ was well organized.

“Yes that’s the whole idea, we did it on purpose. It’s not just you everybody is confused.

“I think I did a good job there. The idea was to keep people in suspense, to keep them guessing. If its a movie, a story or an album,” said Banda.

Speaking about the project he said, “we put in a lot of hard work in this one. It was a tedious journey, we worked very hard on it but I feel we did justice.”

Last week the ‘Dancehall Igwe’ added to his collection of accolades with another International award. He bagged Africa’s 2021 Accountability Music Award which celebrates artists who speak against corruption through music.

He was nominated for his Njema track off the controversial Njema album.