Excessive consuming of 18 bottles of undiluted illicit wine better known locally as “zvitandasawa” costed the life of a Mwenezi man while his co- binge drinker who is his younger brother escaped death by a whisker after they were both rushed to a local hospital while in deep slumber.
Innocent Siyafanana of Flora village 6 under Chief Maranda of Mwenezi West died upon admission at Neshuro District Hospital on Sunday, December 3, after he was rushed there unconscious upon drinking illicit wine excessively.
Ward 16 councillor Shongedzai Shoko confirmed the tragedy saying Siyafanana indeed died after a binge drinking spree.
“According to eyewitnesses Siyafanana is said to have consumed 18 bottles of illicit wine without eating food. He died upon admission at Neshuro hospital after being ferried there in a critical condition. The man had established in Mwenezi’s Flora village but he was originally from Bikita where he was buried,” said Shoko.
An eyewitnes, Trymore Tshakisi who ferried Siyafanana to the hospital confirmed that the deceased together with his younger brother identified only as Eddison were completely unconscious when he rushed them to hospital.
“Siyafanana and his younger brother who stays at the same homestead were drinking the illicit wine on December 3. After a binge drink, they slept at around 7pm but could not wake up until around 12 mid-day of the following day, Saturday that is when people tried to wake them, but all in vain .
I later arrived at their homestead around 8pm,” said Tshakisi.
Tshakisi added that upon first reaching Mwenezi Clinic, Eddison who later on recovered began to show some signs of consciousness while his brother Innocent remained in deep slumber until they reached Neshuro District Hospital where he had his last breath.