Prominent business mogul Kuda Tagwirei has moved to end the ownership and leadership wrangles at the country’s biggest football club, Dynamos.

The Glamour Boys have been plagued with perennial fights for the club’s control going back decades. This has compromised the club’s ability to develop and grow into a regional and continental powerhouse.

Kuda Tagwirei is looking at ending the leadership wrangles by bankrolling the establishment of trusts which will own the club. The trustees will come from the families of the 20 founding members of the club. Board chairman Bernard-Marriott Lusengo is the only surviving founder member.

Speaking at a meeting between the families and Kuda Tagwirei’s Sakunda Holdings, a company representative said,


“I rose to speak on behalf of Sakunda Holdings; our chief executive Kuda Tagwirei has failed to make it to this event. But, he wants to move with you as founding members hence this support.

“He (Tagwirei) also feels what you are doing is good. Don’t let this journey stall now; Marriott-Lusengo is here, and there are 20 families of the founding members of Dynamos, and those who will live long enough will testify to this gesture.

“Lawyers will assist you as families on how Trusts operate, and as Sakunda Holdings, we will pay the fees for the lawyers to teach you on this. There are 20 families, and there are widows, sisters, brothers and (Mr Tagwirei) will pay for the legal fees.

“When the lawyer and families agree on the setting up of a trust, as Sakunda Holdings, we are going to put into each of the 20 trusts, a basic whether US$3 000, US$3 500, US$4 000 depending on what our CEO would suggest. We will put the money into each trust. We think what we will see from the trusts will tell us about widows in those trusts, we want to see who are the surviving spouses. If there is none, we will go to children.”

The move was hailed by Dynamos legal representative Herbert Mutasa. Mutasa told The Herald,

“Fights for the control of Dynamos FC have not been ending, so the chairman (Marriott-Lusengo) approached me saying families of those who founded Dynamos are still alive so let me make sure I bring them together. What we are doing today is what is called hitting the final nail.”

Kuda Tagwirei Moves To End Dynamos Ownership Wrangles
Kuda Tagwirei Moves To End Dynamos Ownership Wrangles


Tagwirei recently, unveiled a record sponsorship deal for the country’s oldest and most popular clubs, Highlanders and Dynamos, worth US$890 000-a-year per club for the next three years. The money will cater for the clubs’ operational and running costs.

He also donated houses worth US$300 000 to three Dynamos and Highlanders football legends: the late George “The Mastermind” Shaya, Moses Chunga and Madinda Ndlovu. Shaya’s family will receive a house worth US$120 000 while Chunga and Ndlovu will receive houses worth US$90 000 each.