A 16-year-old Form Three pupil at a school in Mberengwa has been arrested after he allegedly fatally stabbed a schoolmate while fighting for a girl.

Police said the suspect had an altercation with a schoolmate, Pastor Mutabvuri, who was in Form Four over a girl when he then drew out a shoe cobbling awl from his satchel and used it to stab Mutabvuri once in the head.

“Mutabvuri collapsed upon being stabbed and was rushed to Mberengwa District Hospital, he was then transferred to United Bulawayo Hospital where he died a day later,” said a police source.

The police said some teachers and parents who removed the awl that got stuck in the boy’s head could have caused some brain damage and excessive bleeding.

“When the incident occurred last Thursday at the school, some parents and teachers who gathered at the scene are said to have suggested that the awl which was stuck in the head be removed instead of leaving it and waiting for a doctor’s procedure, it is suspected this could have resulted in some excessive bleeding in the boy,” said the police.

Midlands provincial police spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko said he was still to get the details into the incident.