LATE Afro Jazz musician, Prince Musarurwa’s team will be dropping a posthumous album titled Nyamatsatse in celebration of his birthday.

Prince of the ‘Runonzi Rudo’ hit song featuring Pah Chihera died of lung cancer in February last year.

He was 31.

Nyamatsatse has five tracks titled What you shared, Mudzimu dzoka, Zvakanaka, Nyamatsatse and Dombo rakare (Methodist hymn).

The album release is a part of his tradition to share new music with fans on his birthday, December 5.

Prince would have turned 33.

In a Facebook post shared Sunday on the late singer’s official page his team said Nyamatsatse is the last album he recorded.

The post reads: “It’s your birthday, but it doesn’t feel like it without you here. It doesn’t matter; we are going to celebrate it like you are here because we know that’s what you would have wanted.

“We love and miss you so much Prince Kuda Musarurwa. It has always been your tradition to share something new to your fans on your birthday and we promise to share your last album that you recorded with your friends in the USA and Zimbabwe before the end of December.”