Former chief magistrate, Mishrod Guvamombe who has been facing allegations of criminal abuse of office has been acquitted and cleared  of any wrongdoings by the High Court.

Guvamombe was accused of placing former cabinet ministers, Supa Mandiwanzira and Saviour Kasukuwere on attachment.

High Court judge Justice Felistas Chatukuta who was presiding over the case discharged Guvamombe ruling that the state failed to prove its case.

Judge Chatukuta questioned prosecutors why they did not charge Guvamombe for placing other 41 students on attachment since they secured the industrial attachment the same way.

In passing her judgement judge Chatukuta said Guvamombe did not commit the offence.

“The two students (Mandiwanzira and Kasukuwere )were not the only students who were placed on attachment on the instructions of Guvamombe.

“There were 41 other students .The state did not charge the applicant for placing those 41 on attachment without the approval of the secretary.

“The focus is primarily on the placement of Kasukuwere and Mandiwanzira only. The import of the state’s failure to relate to the placement of the other students by the applicant without the secretary’s approval is that the applicant was permitted to act without the secretary’s approval. This effectively affects the validity of the second count,” she said.

Judge Chatukuta said there was no evidence on which a reasonable court, acting carefully might properly convict the applicant as such the application with regards to  count two succeeds.

Meanwhile, in another count where he was being accused of unlawfully forcing former magistrate, Elijah Makomo to recuse himself in a matter that involved his alleged business partner’s son Nathan Mnanba- the court ruled that this count should proceed to defence hearing.

The trial for the second count is scheduled to commence this Friday.