Drama as wife slaps hubby live on air for accusing her of keeping faeces and urine in their room. The disgruntled husband and wife had been invited to sort out their grievances and restore their marriage to order.

A husband who decided to wash the dirty linens of his wife on the radio received an instant reply from the woman when he went on that trajectory.

However, things took a drastic turn when the woman assaulted the man. The assault revealed much about the crack in their marriage and the level of intolerance that had eaten into the moral fabric of the union.

No sooner had the man accused the wife of keeping urine and faeces in their room than he received a resounding slap on his cheek.

The reactionary woman could not understand or accept the fact that her husband was trying to embarrass her on tv. The landlord had been invited to corroborate or deny the story in the company of other relatives.