Chitungwiza Municipality has shut down its head office and stopped all physical council and committee meetings after some employees tested positive for Covid-19.

The council announced the decision in a memo from Chitungwiza health services director Dr Tonderai Kasu.

“Within the last 24hours (yesterday), five (5) employees working in the Human Resources department have tested positive for Covid-19. This prompted the health department to set up a mobile team at the council head office to test head office employees.

“During the first hour that the team was doing its work, nine more employees tested positive for Covid-19,” said Dr Kasu.

He said the City Health department has now directed council head office to be closed with effect from lunchtime yesterday, all physical council and committee meetings are suspended.

“These may only be held if they are virtual. Head office will only be opened after disinfection.

“All head office employees are strongly encouraged to get tested,” he said.