Nelson Chamisa said he was “humbled” on Wednesday after a citizen-led initiative to buy him a bulletproof car met its target of raising US$120,000.

The MDC Alliance leader survived what his party said was an assassination attempt in Mutare when his Toyota Land Cruiser was allegedly shot at in October.

A GoFundMe page called ‘Let’s Replace the People’s President’s Car’ was set up on October 12 aiming to raise US$120,000 for an “amour-plated vehicle as well as security apparel for his safety and security.”

The target was met on December 7 although Zimbabweans around the world continued to donate with US$1,000 more raised by 10AM on December 8.

Reacting to the generosity of his supporters, Chamisa tweeted: “I’m so humbled. I’m just amazed at the extent you Zimbabweans are willing to go, do and push to get us there to be free, happy, peaceful and prosperous again. This is commitment! You are making history. Citizens are in it.”

The organisers of the fund said on the GoFundMe page that ahead of elections in 2023, they expected Chamisa to come under “increased attacks on him and his aides.”

“It is clear that the regime wants to continue to frustrate democracy by attacking the main opposition. The recent attacks showed that the regime wants to injure or cause serious harm to Nelson Chamisa,” they said.

It remains unclear where the vehicle will be purchased, or when Chamisa will take delivery of it.