-“It’s against our culture to mate like dogs..”

-“Where did she learn such things?”

A family has ‘unanimously’ resolved to divorce Tsitsi Murakwani (27) for demanding that her husband Tumai Karanda (34) take her from the back. The wife Tsitsi made the unusual request 3 years into her marriage and her husband is gutted.

” I don’t know what got into her. She just bent and started panting like a dog. She said she wanted me to do what a dog does. I thought she was possessed and left the bedroom to sleep in the kitchen. But she didn’t stop and she demanded that I would not sleep with her unless I did the style of the dogs. I have seen dogs mating and it’s like they would be pulling each other, I believe humans cannot do that. I called my aunt and a family meeting was arranged. We all resolved that divorce was the proper way to go.

It’s against our culture, we don’t mate like dogs.”