The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has said that its officers will be moving around the country enforcing the recently announced COVID-19 guidelines.


The Zimbabwe Republic Police has noted the enhanced COVID-19 safety and health regulations announced by His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa on 30th November 2021. In this regard, the Zimbabwe Republic Police has intensified its operations to enhance compliance by members of the public in order to curb the spread of the pandemic.

The Police implores the public to observe the curfew period which runs from 2100 hours till 0600 hours the next morning. Members of the public who are not part of the essential service exempted by the Government to move during this period, should strictly comply and assist in the maintenance of law and order. The Police will ensure that the law takes its course on all members of the public who disregard the curfew order without a valid reason. Only essential services providers will be allowed passage at Police checkpoints during curfew periods. All social gatherings or activities allowed by the Government should be cleared by 2100 hours.

The Police reiterate its call for the public to avoid unnecessary movements and gatherings. Members of the public are urged to plan their journeys accordingly as the Police will religiously enforce the Covid-19 regulations and arrest all offenders.

In the same vein, shops, restaurants and bars should ensure they close at 1900 hours as directed. Above all, the Police will conduct checks, patrols and monitoring to ensure adherence to COVID-19 protocols which include, social distancing, wearing of face masks and sanitization in all public places.

Nightclub and bar operators who admit unvaccinated people will be brought to book and no excuse will be entertained by Police.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police will also take action against anyone who tries to enter or exit the country’s borders without following laid down protocols. This includes bus operators and crew who are moving at night violating the curfew order and at the same time assisting smugglers bring in smuggled goods into the country without following customs and exercise formalities.

We urge the public to cooperate with police officers as they perform their duties. Any form of corruption by police Officers or a member of the public will be decisively dealt with.

(NYATHI. P) Assistant Commissioner Senior Staff Officer (Press, Public and Int. Relations) to the Commissioner-General of Police

Police General Headquarters