AUTHORITIES at the United Methodist Church-run Nyamuzuwe High School in Mutoko are under fire for effecting a $15 000 fees top-up without consulting parents.

The top-up will see each pupil having paid $85 000, up from $70 000 for this term.

In a letter dated November 29, school head Peter Rinomhota said the Primary and Secondary Education ministry had approved the institution’s supplementary budget to necessitate the top-up.

“Please be advised that the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education have approved Session 2 of 2021 supplementary budget. Funds are urgently required for food, examination material, non-teaching staff salaries among other expenses. The supplementary fees are: Boarding levy $13 000 and school development committee (SDC),” the letter read in part.

Rinomhota declined to comment on the matter yesterday claiming he was in a meeting.

But parents have questioned the logic of demanding a top-up without consultations and also less than three weeks before the third term ends.

In a protest letter to the school, the parents accused the school of not consulting them on increasing tuition fees. They also complained that the school’s SDC had overstayed.

“Therefore, we seek your attention to resolve the SDC with immediate effect for the smooth running of the school. No audit has been done for the past five years and we, therefore, as parents request a private auditor in this case as soon as possible,” the parents said.

Early this year, government warned schools against increasing school fees without approval from the Primary and Secondary Education ministry.