ANDY Muridzo’s reunion with his first wife popularly known as Mai Keketso lasted only five days as the former accused his wife of cheating.

In an exclusive interview with Mai Keketso yesterday, she opened up on the cheating allegations.

Mai Keketso, real name Chido Manyange, 27, explained to H-Metro how she ended up fighting with the father of her two children.

The domestic violence case went unreported, only to find its way to social media.

Mai Keketso said she has been a victim of social media abuse since her separation with ‘Ukasha’ singer.

“My life has been under serious abuse in my marriage to Andy Muridzo,” said Mai Keketso.

“It’s true that I had returned from South Africa expecting peace following my separation with Andy.

“He phoned me seeking a reunion and I thought he had repented only to come and undergo a serious embarrassment.

“As we speak Andy is claiming to be living with me when he blocked my contacts leaving me to fend for our children alone.

“To put the record straight, I never dated Gift as alleged and Andy together with his sister and friend can testify to this.

“Gift sent a message to me achiti d*k* rako and that was the message seen by Andy and he questioned why he used such disrespectful language.

“Izvozvo ndizvo zvatakarwira pamberi pevana akandidzipa ini ndikamurumawo gumbo.

“I stayed with Andy for five days when I returned three months ago from South Africa.

“He is unrepentant and I have decided to move on with my life supporting my kids.

“The post that found its way on social media is malicious, unsubstantiated and without facts only to tarnish my image.

“I have been subjected to this for the past years and some sections of the media never sought my comment,” said Mai Keketso.

She said her decision to respond to infidelity allegations has been necessitated by negative reports about her circulating on social media.

Andy, real name Kudzai Andrew Ngwenya in his recent posts on his Facebook page seemed to be appreciating Mai Keketso.

“She gave me two angels God bless Mai Keketso,” read one of his posts.

The Delilah singer recently dismissed allegations that he caught Mai Keketso cheating.

Andy and Mai Keketso have two children, a girl aged six and a boy aged 3.

– HMetro