Robert Mugabe Jnr: I will never have s.e.x before I’m married. Robert Mugabe Jnr promised to abstain to s.e.x till wedlock. No s.e.x before marriage. How many of you are still doing this or zvave zvekare according to you or inhau ye peer pressure!?

Robert Jr has been maintaining a very low profile for a very long time but this time has decided to advice his fellow youths.

Zimbabwean youths have been bashed for not being focused by many socialites and other businessmen. In his latest address, he adviced them not to indulge in sleeping together before getting married as he categorised it as profane and lowering of standards.

He set the standard on himself saying that he does not believe in something like that and he will not take it as an option…

Gushungo Jnr