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AN elephant may be mighty, but a million ants will eat all of him up – and it is the same with us.

Each little bit of stress we suffer adds up until it becomes too much too bear.

There will always be pressure from your job, goals you have yet to accomplish, finances, marriage, children, family, relationships, body image, social demands, exhaustion, disease, hormones, depression, your sex life and more.

But there are many ways of dealing with stress.
Focus on ways you can manage and treat stress – and you should because if you don’t, stress can mess up your mental and physical health and wellbeing. It will make you ill and unable to cope with life, which causes more stress!

One of the first places where stress is noticeably felt is sex. The more stressed you are, the less likely you’ll be in the mood for sex, and the less sex you have the more stress you will get.

Because a reduced interest in sex is one of many symptoms that can develop as a result of increased stress, the first step is to take control over your stress. Take control by introducing methods of relaxation such as meditation, regular sleep, proper nutrition . . . and have more sex.

Sex allows you to be more pleasant and happy, take some pressure off your relationship, and increase your overall wellbeing as well.
With these feel good factors pouring into your life you will want to be more intimate and sex will no longer be a tiresome chore for you.

Also, do yourself a favour and don’t wait until the end of the day to be intimate. Find new times – and places – to enjoy sex.

Physical affection will keep you emotionally bonded and take the edge off the day and its bad emotions, and push your relationship into a whole new, relaxed level.
Take your sexual wellbeing into your own hands. It is one of the things in life that you can enjoy and do NOT have to stress about.


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