Strange but true: Man starts menstruating non-stop after cheating with a married woman. Brian Nyakwasva, who is a gold panner in Mazowe and stays in Matopi area, claims he did not know the woman was married. He said she lied to him before he was caught red handed by the woman’s husband whilst in his house.

A Mt Darwin man is living in pain after spending six days bleeding through his genitals after bedding a married woman.

Brian said the man told him he would make him menstruate like a woman until he pays him. He started bleeding and while he has since bandaged the area with a cloth, he has been bleeding for six days. He was then told to pay goats within three days for his freedom.

“I stay in Mt Darwin and I was dating a certain woman whilst we were panning for gold in Mazowe. “She stays in area called Chanaka, she lied to me that she was not married yet she was married.

“So the husband caught us red-handed and he told me to bring three goats within three days. “I was at his house,” he said.


Brian said the man took his particulars as guarantee that he would return. “The man took my pants and identity card as guarantee that I will bring the goats. “So I want to go back home and get the goats. I have the goats at home in Mt Darwin and I am going to take them.”

Asked where he was staying, Brian said. “I was at his house and I am now going back to get the goats.” A source said:

Brian cheater

“He was dating a married woman and they dated for a longer time. He was then caught red-handed with the woman’s husband while in their house. “The man told him to pay with cows but he said he did not have cows. “He was then given three days to bring three goats.”

Source – H-Metro