ALISHA Sekina Muzvite, an eight-year-old Hwange girl who has been battling for life at Mpilo Central Hospital in Bulawayo after being burnt by underground fires has died, days after doctors had amputated her both legs to minimize effects of the injuries.

She suffered third degree fire burns when she was literally swallowed waist deep by a fire hole at an old dump site in Makwika village, Hwange about three weeks ago.

Alisha had gone to relieve herself and was in the company of her aunty when the incident occurred around 4pm.

Her mother Ms Ethel Ncube confirmed that Alisha passed on at Mpilo on Monday night.

“She died last night just before 10pm. They cut both her legs last Wednesday as doctors said the injuries were third degree as the fire had damaged her legs. On Friday she looked coping as she was talking. They gave her blood transfusion and her body started swelling and her condition continued to deteriorate,” she said.

Alisha’s father was in Hwange last night when the tragedy fell.