Sports betting is gaining more and more popularity every year due to the ease of use of bookmaker platforms and the availability of an online format. However, beginners mistakenly believe that this is instant earnings, not entertainment, and may soon become disillusioned with betting.

To learn how to make the right bets and win, you should spend a lot of time studying the features of betting, as well as a more thorough acquaintance with the sports where the main bets will be played. Among the most popular areas of betting are football bets – about 40% of the total bets are made on football matches and championships. How to bet on football online and get your winnings? Several bookmakers, including Parimatch, offer advice to newbies directly on their sites. Let’s try to figure out the basic and universal rules.

Everything you need to know about soccer betting

As in other areas of sports, in football, a participant’s payoff depends on the size of the coefficient. The odds are set by the bookmaker for each sporting event and outcome. If the chosen predicted outcome is triggered, the player wins in the amount of the bet multiplied by the odds.

Next, you should familiarize yourself with the types of sports betting. All bets can be divided into two directions: single and express. The first assumes that a player can only bet on one outcome of a sporting event. Multi is a combined type of bet that allows you to make predictions on two or more outcomes at the same time. However, multi-bets win only if all set predictions are met.

On the platforms of bookmakers, all future matches with odds available for betting are presented in the form of a sports line. The participant chooses directions independently, based on his preferences.

When a football event has been chosen, the opposing teams have been studied, it’s time to decide on a bet option. The three most popular are:

  • Bet on the main outcome – assumes the victory of one of the teams or the achievement of a draw based on the results of the match.
  • “Total” bet – suggests a forecast for the total number of goals scored in football by two teams.
  • Handicap bet – a bet on the advantage or lag of one team from another by a certain number of points.

How to make the right bets in football

Here are a few tips to help you bet better on football by considering the underlying factors of the game:

  • take into account in betting the current state of the team (health, mood, motivation, level of training), as well as the statistics of previous winnings;
  • Monitor the latest news, analytics from leading football experts, which are easy to find on the Internet;
  • Pay attention to the location of the match: home matches are usually more winning for your team.

Nevertheless, even after studying all the available input data, make independent decisions, trusting your analysis and intuition. Sometimes football matches unfold in unexpected ways, despite well-planned predictions.

As for the amount of the bet, beginners are advised to start with a bet of no more than 2% of the game bank. In this case, the player will retain the main share of the funds even after a series of unsuccessful attempts. Over time, if the bets work well, you can gradually increase their size, but do not do it intuitively, but rely on reliable facts.

Constant practice and study of the features of the football game will allow every beginner to become an experienced bettor, turning sports betting from entertainment into a good source of income.