Harare City Council has embarked on a door to door water disconnections in residential areas, cutting supplies to those owing it more than $2 000.

City officials have since disconnected suburbs including Warren Park 1 today.

Harare City Council spokesperson Mr Michael Chideme confirmed the ongoing exercise. He said:

I can confirm water disconnections for debts above $2 000 are taking place. The response is very encouraging, residents are coming to pay and making debt settlement arrangements.

The local government authority attributes poor service delivery to the inadequacy of resources saying ratepayers have been defaulting.

HCC says it is owed about $5 billion in user fees.

Meanwhile, observers have said the local government authority is overcharging some ratepayers while undercharging others.

They argue that some residents and businesses have been without water for months yet their bills keep growing.

The city fathers say they estimate the consumption of water in cases where they cannot ascertain the actual consumption.

They say some of the reasons for failure to get the actual meter reading include the absence of property owners at houses and lack of resources to visit each and every household.

Some observers have urged the sub-national government to adopt the prepaid water meters to prevent a situation whereby ratepaters are charged for water they did not use or get undercharged when they are actually using more than anticipated.

Some of the water pumped from waterworks does not reach households and other properties due to leakages while some malcontents have illegally connected themselves to the council water supplies.

The water lost between houses and the water pumps is assumed to have been used by consumers.