A 61-year – old man found residing at Glenorah prayer mountain.

Charles Saruro (61), has been observed with church groups that he is staying with his belongings at the prayer mountain for almost two weeks.

In an interview he said, “ yes it’s true that am staying here in the mountain with my belongings “.

“Way back before I came here , I was involved in an accident and was badly injured to such an extend that I couldn’t work properly “.
He added:
“I was a caretaker for such a long time at Gunhill avenues and they booted me out because I was no longer able to provide enough labour due to the injuries “.

The information that community is eager to know is ,whether this old man has no where else to live or whether he has no family and close relatives?

“I don’t have a wife but am not sure if I have children or not because I have been sexually harassed ever since I was a young boy”

Charles refused to reveal more information about his abusers because he said that it is not safe for him to let the public know about this in detail.

“Yes I have relatives but I can’t afford to stay with any one of them because of family issues and disputes “

“ It’s so unfortunate that am suffering today living in the mountain yet the councilor of Chulu farm forcibly took away my stand and I couldn’t do anything or get any necessary help”, he said.

“ I also have a legal stand at former Glen Norah C squat settlement , my valuable property worthy $ 450 was stolen by Chaluba and gang“.

Charles has no any other option than staying in the mountain in this rainy season without food and all other necessary human needs .

“ I will grateful and humbled if I can get any kind of help from the community especially to get my stand back from the Chulu farm councilor and also medical help”.

It’s hard and difficult at such an old age to endure the hardships of life , immediate help and assistance from the society as a whole is needed.