There’s a greater possibility that the youths in the country can completely refrain from indulging in interdicted drugs such as the now predominantly abused crystal methamphetamine, known in street lingo as Mutoriro, if they are given some tasks to engage in, a Kwekwe-based showbiz player has said.

And, for this reason, Yowash ‘Bizzy’ Takavada (main picture), is on the verge of opening up a studio and internet hub for the musically talented youths in the African township of Amaveni in Kwekwe.

The 32-year old entrepreneur who is also into mining told this publication that:

“This is a unique project in the sense that its main aim is to conscientise the youths about the dangers of indulging in drug abuse. So, the youths will have an opportunity to have their songs recorded for free once they get signed up with Bizzy Studios”.

Bizzy bemoaned the rampant abuse of drugs by the youths, saying “we are bound to end up with a bunch of ‘androids’ if the young generation is left abusing the drugs”.

Since the beginning of the Covid19-induced national lockdown last year, there has been a surge in the abuse of drugs such as crystal meth by the youths.