A police officer investigating a matter where a ZBC presenter is accused of extorting prominent preacher Tapiwa Freddy has been accused of unlawfully seizing her mobile phone.

In a letter addressed to one Assistant Inspector Mushurwa dated November 25, Rutendo Makuti’s lawyer Diana Kawenda said police officers, who arrested her on November 11 took her mobile phone without a court order. Kwenda wrote:

We note that there is no court order that was obtained by yourselves to conduct the search…

The digital evidence that is contained in that phone is tremendously personal to the extent that it called for the need to obtain a search warrant.

Makuti stands accused of extorting US$35 000 from the controversial cleric known as Prophet T Freddy.

She appeared before magistrate Sheunesu Matova who granted her $5 000 bail.

Meanwhile, the Goodness and Mercy Ministries leader who is also a gospel musician was recently arrested for raping Makuti and has since appeared in court.

He was arrested on allegations of raping the disabled radio presenter after promising to assist her with the upkeep of her child.

He was released on free bail