A Nyanyadzi Primary School teacher has emerged a local hero in his community after he successfully coordinated his class to raise funds and build a house for an old woman from a nearby village.

What started as a normal Family, Religious and Moral Education lesson for a certain Grade 7 class at Nyanyadzi eventually turned into a humanitarian gesture as students mobilised their little resources to build a house for a local 84-year-old widowed granny.

Living with her two orphaned grandchildren, Leon, a Grade 7 pupil and Auditor, in Grade 2, Mbuya Erica Mumera was forced to share a single hut with them after their other hut was destroyed by heavy rains early this year.

The class of 37, led by their teacher Nicholas Chinyanya, all contributed the little money they could afford to construct a house and today Mbuya Mumera is a proud owner of the well-built structure.

Mbuya Mumera

“I am a TB patient and I can not do any hard work because of my age. Our hut fell early this year so I had to live with my grandchildren in this house. I was shocked when this good man (teacher) told me that they want to build a house for us and now they have done it,” she said.

Mbuya Mumera could not hide her emotions recalling that the gesture has been done by pupils as young as her grandchildren.

“I want to thank those children for growing up knowing that there are those whom they can help despite being that young. Even their teacher has showed a good heart.”

For Nicholas Chinyanya, the gesture is testimony that students are learning and practising what they are being taught at school.

“While conducting our lesson the children voted to identify the neediest within the categories that we had chosen and they identified this household. It is from that moment that we then mobilised funds to build her this house,” he explained.

While the gesture may seem not enough in views of some, what counts is the thought and to borrow the wise words of Noble Price Award winner Dalai Lama, “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.”