By A Correspondent- The Miss Tourism board has made a shock U-Turn and reinstated Chipo Mandiudza, who had only reigned for two days before she was dethroned over nudes scandal.She was crowned on October 19 at a ceremony in Bulawayo, which was followed by controversy after her supposedly nude pictures made rounds on social media platforms.
In the pictures were screenshots from a video in which Mandiudza looks like she was in gyrating dances clad in skimpy outfits.
Mandiudza reportedly wrote to the Miss Tourism board tendering her resignation. But the model fired back at the board and revealed in the media that she was forced to resign.
In a press statement released by Miss Tourism Zimbabwe board chairperson Busi Dube-Muleya, said Mandiudza a marketing student at Lupane State University has been restored as reigning queen till the next contest.
“It is common cause that in the last edition of the Miss Tourism Zimbabwe beauty pageant, the crown had been awarded to Chipo Mandiudza upon her successful virtual competing against other contestants,” Dube-Muleya said.
“Subsequent to her winning of the top chair, Chipo was disqualified on account of inappropriate personal materials that went into the public domain.
“The Miss Tourism Zimbabwe pageant carries the name of the country’s tourism sector and for this reason, we apply the highest standards on pageant contestants on moral uprightness.
“As and when disciplinary measures will have been taken against a contestant, there is room for an appeals process in our disciplinary and grievances procedures.
“After Chipo had hurriedly handed us her resignation letter she automatically became suspended from the Miss Tourism Zimbabwe throne.
“She then formally appealed, presenting all the photographic materials that had caused the disciplinary measures against her during, which period the deadline for the Miss Tourism International entry lapsed thereby deeming it impossible for Chipo to compete.
“The Miss Tourism board has carefully looked at all the photographic images presented by Chipo on appeal.
“That process proved that though inappropriate, in fact on all the photos that caused the public stir, there was no nudity.
“Accordingly, the Miss Tourism Board reconsidered the circumstances and determined that Chipo Mandiudza be restored back to the throne with immediate effect as the reigning Miss Tourism Zimbabwe 2021 until the next MTZ pageant.”
Mandiudza will represent Zimbabwe in the Miss Tourism International search that will be held virtually due to the Covid-19 outbreak.
The global finals will be held on December 15.