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Madziva miners robbed at gun-point

Published: 2 years ago

Madziva miners robbed at gun-point
A trio of miners in Madziva were on Thursday around 7 pm forced to surrender their possessions at gunpoint by armed robbers.
By Shantel Chisango
Speaking to Mrs Munyoro, a ZMF member, she said the cases of miners being robbed in Madziva has increased.
“Armed robbers have heavily troubled the miners of Madziva,” said Munyoro
The miners, Tendai Onyimo and his wife, with their neighbour Respect Gwangwava, (a buyer), and Shekede (a miner) were brutally beaten after having refused to co-operate with the robbers in showing them where the money and gold was.
Onyimo was robbed of US$600 and cellphones, while Gwangwava was robbed of US$600 and cellphones, 60 grams of gold, and Shekede US$5000 and a car, and was left with an injury that left him hospitalised.
Shekede’s son reported the case to the police who went after the robbers but were unlucky in finding them.
It is reported that Shekede’s car was found crashed on a tree in Nyamaropa.
The police are still searching for the robbers.
Armed Robbers are currently wreaking havoc in mining areas. The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) is concerned with the occurrence of robbery cases in mining sites where armed gangs are targeting artisanal miners and individuals who are keeping large sums of money or gold at home and business premises.

Four of the complainants sustained severe injuries which include deep cuts on the body and were referred to Kadoma District Hospital for treatment. The suspects took US$905-00 and six (6) cellphones.

In another armed robbery case that occurred at M and A Kiosk Mine in Filabusi on 20 November 2021, at around 0130 hours, a 40-year-old male adult was attacked by eight unknown suspects while he was attending to his pumps at a carbon tank. The suspects got away with 200 kgs of non-pregnant carbon valued at US$160-00.

Another robbery case occurred at Shangani Mine Compound, Fort Rixon on 19th November 2021 at around 1300 hours.

A 26-year-old man went to the bush to relieve himself and was attacked by the accused person, Terrence Masango (23) using a machete. The suspect, who has since been arrested forcibly took the complainant’s wallet containing US$90-00 and fled.

In Chinhoyi, eight male adults approached a security guard who was manning premises at Eldorado Mine elution plant on 13 November 2021 at around 0300 hours while armed with iron rods.

Artisanal Miners

The suspects disarmed the guard who was armed with a 12 bore Mossberg shotgun and tied him with electric cables. They broke into the elution plant and stole gold loaded wire wools and stole the security guard’s Itel cellphone.

The Mossberg shotgun was recovered by the police dumped at the 110km peg along the Harare – Chirundu highway. The stolen property is valued at US$ 82 915-00.

Recently Mines and Mining Development Portfolio Committee chairperson Hon Edmond Mkaratigwa strongly advised miners and millers to invest in security. This was after the committee visited a mine site on a nationwide tour dubbed “Enquiry into gold mining sector problems”. The committee was in awe after the premises they visited had no security personnel yet had costly equipment on site.
Most Artisanal and Small-scale Miners do not invest in security. Most of their blocks are unfenced and have no armed or qualified security personnel manning their premises making them a soft target for armed gangs.


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