An exploitation storm is brewing on two of Mzansi’s most-watched soapies, Generations The Legacy and Scandal. A new revelation has revealed that extras on the two hugely popular soapies earn at little as R150 per day. It is alleged that Generations pays its extras R150 per day while Scandal is more generous and pay their extras R250 per day.

Entertainment blogger and presenter , Phil Mphela lifted the lead on the shocking figures and explained why in a series of tweets.

The news of the Generations And Scandal Pay got Tweeps up in arms on the daylight modern slavery. Phil went on to explain.

An extra is expected to be on set for as long as they may be needed. That could literally take the whole day of shoot. While the issue of payment is with the agency, I doubt productions are paying R1000 and the agency only pays R150. Additionally, It’s not like the extra will get that money that day. They have to wait for the whole month for their payments. Also remember … some call times can be as early as 6am. That means some extras just work to pay for transport… essentially, they are working for free. SAD.

Generations And Scandal Pay
Generations And Scandal Pay

As a solution, he suggested that a standard rate be introduced.

The Generations And Scandal pay expose is not the only one. Over the years, we have seen extras complaining of pay and working conditions subjected to them on set.

SCANDAL! is a half-hour soap opera broadcast daily (Monday to Friday) on at 19h30 with an omnibus of the week’s episodes every Saturday.