A 41-year-old Shurugwi man died after being attacked by a sore loser who wanted to recover a mobile phone he lost gambling.

Dingilizwe Dzingai had won a cellphone while gambling and took it home with him, but Naison Chibaya, who was the owner of the phone, could have none of it and armed himself with an axe as he sought to recover the gadget.

Dzingai died after being struck with an axe in the head by Chibaya.

Midlands Police Spokesperson, Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the incident.

“Dzingai won a cellphone while gambling. The now suspect Naison Chibaya, owner of the cell phone, later followed Dzingai at his home to recover his cellphone,” said Inspector Mahoko.

The two had a heated argument which resulted in the two exchanging blows and Chibaya struck the now deceased with an axe on the head.

Dzingai was rushed to Shurugwi hospital where he died upon admission.

Meanwhile, a Zhombe man fell into Sebakwe Dam and drowned after he was cornered by a rival gang as revenge clashes continue to take their toll in the area.

According to Inspector Mahoko, two rival groups of artisanal miners clashed at Gravel West Mine in Zhombe and a fight ensued

One group, after being overpowered, they took to the hills.

Henry Mlilo, who was part of the overpowered group, however returned on a revenge mission accompanied by one Stephen Chaka.

The two were armed with an axe, a spear and a machete.

“They were outnumbered by the other group which had about 15 people. The two tried to run away while the rival group continued to pursue and attack them,” said Inspector Mahoko.

Mlilo continued running towards Sebakwe River where he fell into the river and drowned.

His body was retrieved by the police the following day.

Inspector Mahoko said there were no arrests made so far in connection with the two cases.

“No arrests have been made so far and we appeal to the public for information that can help locate and arrest culprits behind the two cases. Both cases are under investigation,” he said.